• 7 months ago

So my dad bought me a new car last year. As a favor to him, I agreed to go over his house tuesday and help him move a bunch of furniture. It was hard work so I drank like 30 ounces of water while we were working. Normally 30 ounces would be no big deal but I decided to pass on going to the bathroom because it was only a 30 minute drive, big mistake! On the way to my car I had both of my hands full with things my dad had gave me to take home and it took everything I had to not spurt in my boxers while I was in a public parking lot. So anyways, I got in to my brand new car, and started to drive the 30 minute drive home. I’m an omoslut so, noticing I was desperate and had forgotten my gps, decided to chug another 30 ounces of cold water on the spot and try to make it home before I flooded my seat. I missed my turn and ended up spending another 5 minutes finding another road to take me home. Well, I shouldnt of tempted fate.

I was about 5 minutes from my house. I was a block away from my house at a red light with no turn on red and it happened, I was just sitting there minding my own business, legs shaking, and suddenly without any warning or resistance a decent sized spurt of pee leaked out of my dick and on to my right thigh. I’ve never had such an involuntary, unexepected leak before and I started panicking that i wasnt gonna make it home and all I had to soak up my mess was a single plastic shopping bag. Thank god I managed to make it though. I was so horny when I got home I decided to let go in my bathroom sink.