• 7 months ago

Struck out at the old pickle park today damnit this jew on here jinxed me. By the end of the evening I was laying on some grass crying and feeling so damn lonesome I was crying in those country ass racist bushes. I saw two queers walk by looking for a place to fruit off and I cried louder hoping they’d take some pity on me and come polish my bone.

“It’s that drunk old nigger from last time” I heard one of them say to the other, I wailed louder and took another drink off my high gravity malt liquor.

The way my people have been treated when a white comes past us they should immediately bend over and drop trouser. My knob is sore and needs to be polished. Finally I just went near two queers and jacked off but couldn’t get my nut. I kept shouting out things like “butt cheeks!” and “cracker lips!” and finally these two queers said “this guy is weird” and left.

Maybe the Prestonian lost his touch. I need to get my damn mojo back! These racists stole it from me!