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POKER GAME. A group of friends and I get together every couple of weeks to play poker. It’s a fun night, usually around 10 guys show up but it whittles down to 4 or 5 by 2:00 AM or so depending on how the luck is flowing. We eat snacks and drink a little, sometimes more than a little but fun is had and it usually last into the morning hours like 3 or 4 AM and nobody gets into trouble or anything like that. A couple of weeks ago our poker game was going pretty much as usual, around 2 we are down to 3-5 people trying to be the big winner. Everyone else had had their fill and had gone. In a couple hands, two more lose all their money on an all-in bet. After they leave there was only the 3 of us left. Antes are now very high and things are moving along much quicker.

On the next hand I pull a very good deal and betting was very aggressive. I was all in before all the cards were dealt and the other 2 had more money left than me. Instead of making my part of the pot separate like usual, Mark asked me if I wanted a way to stay in the betting. I look at my cards and say absolutely, but how can I do that, that’s not the rules. Mark says if we all agree since it’s just us 3 it’s just as good as being the rules. I look at Brad and then we both shake our heads yes. Ok so what do you have in mind.

Mark laughs and says we all go all in and whoever loses has to give the other 2 head. I cough and spit a little and say what the fuck do you mean give the other 2 head? Brad echoes my last question. Mark says it makes it more challenging and nobody will ever know. Brad says we’ll know and I’m not gay. Mark says I’m not gay either but isn’t a mouth a mouth, it all feels the same. I just sit there shaking my head saying I’m not gay either and I’m not putting another guys dick in my mouth. Mark says fine we’ll just play like usual. I look at my cards and have the best hand I’ve ever gotten in all our games, I’ve got a full house I think to myself, I can’t lose. Not that I want some guy to suck me off but I can’t lose I think and I would get all the money on the table, like $750. So, I say alright I’m in. Brad says what not me no way. Mark says I’m in, come on Brad how bad could it be. He shakes his head saying pretty bad but decides to be in as well. We flip our cards over with one more deal to go. I’ve got the best hand so far but Brad draws into a straight flush on the last card, and Mark draws a higher full house.

No fucking way I murmur. I can’t do it, I can’t suck your dick, I’m sorry but I just can’t. You have to pay your bet, we all agreed to it, you can’t welsh now. I sit there for a few minutes and say I can’t believe this just happened to me. I can’t believe it. They both get up and pull down the pants and underwear and start stroking the dicks to get them hard. I just stare at them. You’re not really going to make me suck you off are you. They both just grin and say yep. Which one do you want to do first? Want, I don’t want to do it at all. I look at them both, Mark is hard and has a normal looking dick, about 5 inches or so but Brad is closer to 8 or 9 inches. His hard on looks very impressive I think to myself, no wonder the girls all like being with him. I finally move over to Mark and get between his legs and move my hand to his penis. I shudder a little as I move my hand up and down his shaft and he moans. After a few minutes of me just moving my hand up and down on him, he puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls my mouth to his cock and says the bet was for head not a hand job. I gasp a little as he pushes the head between my lips and feel my mouth filling up with his hard cock.

I lick it some and move my mouth on it some, not really knowing what to do. It wasn’t going very well for either of us. I just keep thinking I can’t believe I’m doing this. Mark says just think of how the chicks do it in the porn we’ve watched. I hear this and start trying to do to him what I have seen in the movies and what girls have done to me that I liked. It must have worked somewhat because he was getting harder and moaning along the way. I licked and sucked the head and stroke the part of him not in my mouth with my hand, after a few minutes he grunted a little and started filling my mouth with his cum. I choked on it and coughed a little but he held my head onto his cock and forced me to swallow his load. He pulled out and said now that wasn’t too bad was it, I just shook my head and said for who. He laughed and said it was good for me, thanks.

Sitting there on my knees, I looked over at Brad and he smiled as he continued stroking his big hard cock and said ok get over here and do me. I slid over to him and said I don’t think I can, you’re too big. He said that’s what all the girls say but you’ll be just fine once you get it all wet with your saliva. When I wrap my fingers around his shaft I feel a tingle in my stomach or groin or something and as I move my hand on his cock I find myself getting turned on. Oh my I moan, as I catch myself licking my lips eager to suck his cock. He smiles as he looks down at me and says you’re going to enjoy this aren’t you? Mark had left and it was just Brad and me still there. I look up at him and say that’s the biggest hardest cock I’ve ever seen. And yes, I want to suck your cock so bad. Brad says why don’t we go get more comfortable so you can take your time then. I shake my head and get up to follow him. As we enter his bedroom, he stops and allows me to enter first and ushers me in with his hand on the small of my back.

When he does this, his hand was right at the top of my jeans and he feels the straps of the panties I’m wearing. Well well what do we have here? I shake my head it’s nothing really. He says let’s see what you’ve got on under there. I say no I don’t I can’t. He says that’s too bad, and undoes the top button on my pants. As my pants fall to the floor, he sees my panties and says nice as he turns me around checking out the back. My panties are cut across the front and have two straps above the main part but in the back, they are just straps, four on each side encasing each ass cheek but leaving the middle entirely open and coming together at the top in an intricate little web. He whistles and says very sexy. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight. With sexy panties like that you must want some cock in that tight little ass of yours and I would just love to get inside you. I blush and as I look up into his eyes I say you’re too big I definitely can’t do that, I’ve never done that before. He smiles and says oh but you’re going to tonight. And It will be just fine, I’ll go slow until you get accustomed to having my cock inside you, a very big cock mind you but a cock all the same. It will take a little work and you are going to have to relax and I’ll use a lot of lube but I’m going to get every inch of my big cock all the way inside you. Brad I can’t, please you’ll hurt me.

No sweety I won’t hurt you, after you get used to the size that is. You’ll be screaming for me to fuck you before I’m done and begging for me to cum inside you. They all beg for it in the end, you won’t be any different. If you’re a good gurl I’ll even let you come back for more. We finish undressing, except for my panties, he told me to leave them on. Brad laid down on his back with his head on his pillows and spread his legs apart. I crawled up between his legs, running my hand up the length of his leg until I got to his crotch and wrapped my slender fingers around the impressive girth that is his hardening cock. Oh my gosh Brad you’re so hard I murmur as I lick my lips and then the head of his cock. I run my tongue all around his cock head and then along the underneath side from the tip to the base and back to the tip and as I see a drop of precum form at the tip I run my tongue through it and moan at my first taste of his and it is so exhilarating to my senses.

I moan oh Brad that’s nice. It’s not at all what I expected, different than Mark thicker sweeter I purr as I suck the tip with my lips wanting more and more did leak out. I stroke his shaft with my fist and suckle his cock with my mouth moaning, begging for more of his precum. I slide his cock into my warm wet mouth until he hits the back of my throat with at least a third left outside. He smiles and just says relax and it will all fit. I keep moving him in and out all the while concentrating on relaxing my gag reflex to accept more of his cock into me. I have my fist at the base of his cock controlling the movement and keep trying to get more of him into my mouth. He holds my head down in his lap and as he presses down on me he moans yes, that’s it just relax and I feel it, the fat head of his cock slips past my gag and into my throat. I feel him stretch out my throat as he fills it up. I hold him there for a few seconds and as he lets go of my head I move him out a little and then back in.

Now, I’m laying there with my head in his lap bobbing up and down on this beautiful cock. I pull him out of my throat and run my tongue all over his cock and push it all back in. I pull my head off of him while still stoking his cock and looked up smiling and say I did it, I deep throated the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Brad smiles back at me and says yes you did and a very nice job I might add and once this gets around you’ll be in big demand. No, I quip please you can’t tell anyone please Brad don’t. He smiles again and says ok then it’ll be our little secret. Thank you so much I say as I slide my lips back onto his slick cock head and all the way down his shaft. I think you really like sucking cock don’t you. Yours at least I say, I absolutely do and I would love to suck your cock every day if you want. Really, he says I could get used to that. I hope so I say, me too.

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