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Being exposed to my adopted moms nudity from an early age made me masturbate a lot.When i was eight,i would watch her wash at the sink wearing only a corset.She new i watched but never shut the door so i would see her from my bedroom and start masturbating.
Years past until one day at 16 yrs while watching i got so frustrated i entered the bathroom and said mom can i massage your shoulders.Of course son she said,you know its normal to be aroused.As i started i was fixated with her bottom,she was 54 with a full figure which excited me a lot.I found myself then rubbing against her bare hips when suddenly she said why dont you take off your jeans son you will be more comfortable.Naturally i did so and without hesitating i slipped off my pants and t shirt as well which meant i was naked.
Now i felt my nakedness against her and she said doesnt that feel better son.Within a minute she turned round,unfastened her corset and i was confronted with her nudity.We just started kissing,hugging and touching so the ice was now broken.Our naked bodies were joined together now and it felt wild.We started then to feel each other intimately and mom then said lets go to bed.Thats when everything went wild as she began teaching me all about sex.Over the space of a few hours we had relieved each other many times.In fact we would go to bed whenever no one else was in the house.This happened in the early seventies and was fantastic.