• 1 week ago

I confess, I let my friends “trick me” into letting them take pictures and measure my genitals!
First of all, I’m male, in my 40’s, so no kid. My neighbor works for a local community college and she had a couple of friends over that worked there too. I heard them talking in the backyard and listened as they were talking about how the college might allow nude male models for the art class she teaches, but they hadn’t decided yet and it wasn’t very likely. They started saying they should tell me about it and see if I’d “audition” for it. They said “just tell him that it’s $50/hr, he’ll do it” but the art teacher said “but they’re probably not going to allow it and besides I’d have to probably hire a professional model.”

So fast forward, I dropped by and they did bring up the “nude modeling” possibility. I acted like it might be something I’d do. She gave me her card and said let me know if you’re interested. I contacted her and she said she was in the office and it’s summer, nobody’s arround, why don’t I come by, she’ll show me what it would entail, fill out an application. So I showed up. I was nervous/anxious. Plus, when I got there, my two neighbors were there with her, they said they were going out for drinks later. We all walked around the classroom, looked at where I’d be standing, surrounded by easels. Went back to her office, and she asked me to fill out an application. And then, asked if she could take some reference pictures and measurements!! This is what I wanted but I was still embarassed. I said yes. There was some conversation about whether my friends should leave the room for this, and she said “well, we’re all adults, and you’re going to be posing in front of a dozen or more women in the class, so I don’t see why you would mind if they stayed.” So I removed my clothes in front of all of them and the art teacher got out a measuring tape and took my waist and chest measurement, then she measured the circumference of my hard-on and its length. Then, she asked if I minded if she took a few pictures for reference, to go with the application. I of course, allowed her. I never felt so naked, standing and sitting, and opening my legs and having her zoom in on me. Front view, back view (showing my anus and scrotum from behind), side views. She explained the class usually focused on individual body parts that were most difficult to draw – genitals, ears, noses. So she took pictures of those in particular. She said another model, and the end of the 6 week course, a professional, would be hired to pose for the full body posed shots. I was just going to be used for the practice sessions leading up to that.

So when the photo session/audition ended, we all went out for a drink at an outdoor cafe on the water nearby. They kept asking me how I felt about being nude like that, just trying to get me to talk about it. And they were passing around her phone and looking at the pictures of all my “parts” – they even showed our waitress! Again, they’d fall back on the ole c’mon, you’re going to pose in front of a class of women students, what’s the big deal if one more person sees you? And the ole “we’re all adults.” I was embarassed but enjoyed it.

And ultimately, the college never allowed for live nude models. It was all made up. But my neighbors got to see me nude, take pictures of my genitals, and even measure me!