• 2 weeks ago

I can’t sleep. my domestic partner stayed at her parents(we are gucci). but damn my body feels like it went twelve rounds with Tommy Morrison, it all aches and I still feel all the poundings. I GOT MY BACKSNATCH BRED FROM 9-3 AT SLAMMERS! I showered, spent about 10 minutes cleaning out my cumdumpster hosing it good, but I still feel B.I.G. Juicy. bout to take a perc and put the TENS on just to cope. it was everything I wanted, but damn COVID pandemic got me out of practice for a hundred guy fuckening. My mouth tapped out pretty quick, tho there were a few wooly bully hairy pingotes I just had to throat to the hilt, bury my nose in their wonderful bushes. NO ASS EATING don’t even try it with me I’ll take a chunk out of you like Mike Tyson, strictly P E N I S in my greedy gullet or salacious SISSYHOLE. Man, it was wild.

GREAZED & SLEAZED til I’m in a pine box,