• 2 weeks ago

We worked this morning . Getting the barn ready for the fresh cut hay . Called in my regular help . We moved what bales of hay was left over to be used first . During our work I noticed our helper was checking me out . Yes of course he’s older than last year . Just about the time we had everything cleaned up and ready to . He gotten my attention by flinging some hay at me . One thing lead to another . Pushing each other around . We both enjoyed it . We ended up on the floor in the hay loft . Looking at each other . Looked at him and said I think I know what you want? He leaned over and kissed me . One kiss to another. Felt my work shirt being unbuttoned . Then my bra . Back to my teen years second base here come’s his mouth . I reached down and undone my pants . His hand slid down my stomach and under my under ware. He found my wet willing hole , Slid a finger in and started fingering me , Few minutes later out came my mouth FUCK ME . He pulled his pants off , I seen his young hard shaft . I just smiled and shook my head . He entered my willing body . After he released I rolled him over , And took over , I jack hammered his cock until he released again . God it felt great .