• 2 weeks ago

As a landlord I wish to use the practice of jus primae noctis (“right of the first night”). That is the nobleman’s right to a woman’s virginity or to sleeping with the brides on their wedding night before their newlywed husbands do. The nobleman not only gets to be the first in her, he is, “by law,” allowed to spend the entire night with her giving her all those new sensations and “introducing” her to sex through all those positions he tries with her. He warns her when he is about to ejaculate deep into the depths of her Christian innocence, providing her the royal seed she wants and cuckolding her newlywed husband.

Some nine months later she may well give birth to a child that her husband knows is not his but that of the Nobel Lord. As a peasant with no rights the husband must bear the shame of being a cuckold and raise the child.