• 2 weeks ago

Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman spitroasted Max Wright, the dad from ALF, while they PNP’d and huffed poppers while Bobby Ojeda filmed them. The tape was legendary, it’s rumored Robert Downey Jr saw a clip of it in Hef’s vault sometime back in the early aughts. I saw it while tangling with an old queen with a nice white bush that had some OG poppers from canada in the glass ampules. He was a retired producer living the condo life in ft lauderdale beach, and his steady supply of poppers under my nose made me wild to feed his holes and take his thin cock up my backsnatch. He never bred me, i just ate his sumptuous loads.

But he had all kinds of wild hollywood kink on tape, guys who would become stars kneeling for a blowbang of hairy white cocks of older men. Boring. But the gems were like the Max Wright tapes, everyone enjoying it. It inspired me to live GREAZED AND SLEAZED always ready for excitement.