• 2 weeks ago

I am 60-year-old white guy and while I was eating at a drive-in hamburger joint this stocky Hispanic guy on a Harley pulled up next to me! I was sitting in my pickup eating when I looked over and this biker started conversing with me. He looked very dangerous, stocky and muscular. Not very tall, about 5’7”, but with a massive thick chest, large arms and legs. He was wearing a leather jacket with some motorcycle club on the back; he had long, coal-black hair with several days’ growth beard and mustache.

He asked me, “How is it going?”

Me: “Oh fine.”
Him: “What are you into?”
Me: “Most anything!”
Him: “Do you suck dick?”
Me: “Yeah!”
Him: “You want to follow me to my place?”
Me: “Sure!”
Him: “I am horny, let’s go now!”
Me: “Okay!”

I stopped eating, honked my horn and the waitress came and got my tray.

The biker started up his hog. It was loud and he waved for me to follow him. He pulled out and I followed him. He drove out of town and turned off onto a gravel/dirt road and I did the same. He went down the road for about a mile, churning up a cloud of dust behind him. Then he slowed and pulled into a yard with a mobile home. It looked like he had several acres and farms on either side of him.

He turned off his bike and climbed off. I pulled up beside him and got out.

Him: “Follow me, honey!”
Me: “Okay!”

I followed him inside. He introduced himself. “José.”

I told him that I am “Mike.”

He unzipped his fly and I was shocked — for such a short guy he had a really big penis! He pushed me down to my knees and I grabbed a hold of his meaty hunk of meat. It was flaccid, uncut, and about 7” long! I took him into my mouth and began sucking on him.

Him: “Oooh, aaah, that feels so good! Suck me, baby!”
Me: “Slurp, slurp mmmm, mmmm! Gag, gag slurp, mmm!”
Him: “Oh, baby, suck my big dick!”
Me: [Sucking sounds as his monster grows and hardens in my mouth!] Him: “Keep that up and once you get me hard, I am going to fuck your ass hard and shoot my load in you!”
Me: [Slurp, suck, suck, lick, deep throating him!]

His dick was rock hard and swollen in size. It was about 9” long and so thick!

Him: “Strip, sissy!”

I started taking off my shoes, pants, and shirt Underwear off! I was naked now and he took off his leather pants, but kept his jacket on.

Him: “Turn around and bend over on my couch!”

He had some kind of squirt bottle and squirted the contents onto his hand. He reached and smeared it into my ass crack and into my opening. I felt his large fingers penetrating my pucker and he lubed and loosened me up. This was not my first time: I am a bottom and have taken a lot of big dicks in my ass!

José fingered me, adding more lube and putting in one finger, then two, three, four, five, until his whole hand slipped inside of me! He then pushed my head down and I felt his monster penis entering me. Wow, was he big — 9 inches, but very, very thick. He had one of the thickest dicks that I have ever felt. He rammed himself into me. I could feel it and it was wedged only a few inches into me. It was caught against my ass ring and sphincter. José pulled back and he slapped my rear cheeks really hard and then, with a powerful thrust of his large muscular hips, he forced himself all of the way deep in me!

Me: “Ooow, that hurts! Crying!” Tears rolled down my cheeks as he worked his big cock back and in!

He began fucking my tight lubed hole with his monster log! He was a fucking machine. He was incredibly powerful — about 44 years old, tree-trunk legs and calves, thick, muscular body and torso! Huge muscular chest! He was fucking me, pounding into my hole. I could only make whimpering sounds as he punished my rear.

Then José had me turn around. He had pulled his huge daddy dick out of me and my hole felt empty and gaped like it had never been gaped. As I sat facing him, he leaned down, grabbed me around my neck and back, and rammed his big hard rod all of the way into me. He then picked me up off the ground. He had his arms wrapped around both of my legs. I grabbed his neck, wrapping my arms around, and holding on for dear life! I weigh over 180, but he picked me up easily, with me stuck onto his thick, rigid member. He bounced me up and down as he walked around the room. He took me to his back door and out onto a large wooden deck, where he fucked the daylights out of me. He was still wearing his biker leather jacket, bouncing me up and down on his big dick.

I was on the verge of passing out. Maybe I did pass out! The next thing I knew, I was down on his wooden deck and he was still fucking me savagely. I don’t know how long we fucked, but I could tell he had already cummed in me several times. It was beginning to get dark and he was still fucking me! Finally, for maybe the third time, he reached orgasm and filled me up with his semen. I was crouched down almost into a ball, with my ass up and my head down.

He pulled his giant, thick, spent penis out of me; my rear would never be the same. We were still outside in the open air and it was dark — no lights. Jose told me to relax and we could do it some more! Are you kidding? He wasn’t kidding! This guy was a fucking machine. I sat up and gazed up at millions of stars in the sky and no moon. My head was spinning and my rear felt numb and was leaking an excessive amount of his cum.

Him: “How did you like that? You are now the property of the Bandidos!”
Me: “Thanks! …I guess!” My rear was on fire and felt numb!
Him: “Well, some of the gang will be here soon and they will take turns initiating you as our mascot and new girl!”

Sure enough, I heard the sound of numerous motorcycles and they pulled on around to the back where we were, and all night long I was shared by about 15 Mexican bikers, all with big dicks. They fucked me and fucked me while I sucked each of their cocks and they even double-dicked me while I sucked the others’ dicks, sometimes two and three dicks at a time!

I have been initiated into the Bandidos gang! I have my own leather jacket and a new name — Miguelina! I am the only non-Hispanic member, I live with José now and he sleeps with his huge penis in me all night long. I ride on the back of his chopper and I do whatever he and the gang want me to do. Uh, oh another rally!