• 4 days ago

Addicted to lust and cheating. for almost a month now i have been meeting up with a much younger than me married man.we usually meet in a park and have sex in his car. this morning my wife went to work after midnight then i drove to the park and there he was. but this time i got him to come to my house. we never talk much because after the sex he has to rush home so his wife does not suspect anything and this time i wanted to do more in my bedroom. we both got naked and i had him in my mouth getting him hard and i told him i wanted to ride his dick. but i guess we were enjoying each other because he got a text from his wife as i was sliding his cock inside of me and i know its bad but i feel so good he cheats on his wife with me. he texted her he was still at work and could not talk. i leaned down and kissed him and it was hot. i love hearing him moan and heavy breathing and i love how he touches my ass during anal sex. i put my wifes vibrator under me as i heard and felt him fucking me. i have been married over 16yrs and i hate to admit it but i cum mutliple times with him during sex. i am not saying its love but i am not sure where this affair is going to go but i look so forward to the sex we have. we do not text or email and we meet in the same spot every week. but i was riding his cock and when he gets close he moans really loud and i leaned down and kissed his kneck then i felt him shoot his load inside of me. then i came on his stomach. then he got up put his clothes back on and left. he does not know that often after he leaves i take his cum and lick it off my fingers thinking about him fucking me. i dont want this affair to stop