• 2 weeks ago

Rather than not showing up for a dinner date with some friends. I gave them a call to let them know that my date had canceled. He told me not to worry about just show up . We’ll figure something out . After arrival they figured something out . A blind date which was my buddies girlfriends mother . I tried my best . But they said oh come on . So off we go. There were 3 other couples . Off to dinner we go . So I treated her like other date . Opened and closed the car door . After the arrival at the restaurant I sat her down and gently pushed her chair in . And since she was my date I decided to buy her dinner . About half way though dinner she slid her hand down under the table and started feeling for my cock . She enough she found it and started messaging me though my jeans. I got stiff as a board . We finished dinner . I helped her with her coat . Paid the bill. On the way out Tom said well you two have fun . We’re going to stop over at Bill’s place for a drink before heading home . Once again wanting to have a perfect evening I open the car door for her . We returned back to her place . Making sure it would be a perfect evening I walked my date to her door . Before I had a chance on saying anything . She kissed me and said let’s fuck . Tottally speechless. I’m following her into her home . She’s leading me to master bedroom . She’s undressing and looking at me saying oh come on . I know its not your first time . So I undressed joined her in her bed . We started kissing and fondling each other. She had no problems with spreading her legs for some finger play . Which I might say she was really enjoying it . I finally gotten her off . She looked at me and said she was so ready . I mounted her gently pentertated her . She pulled me down and held me . I started thrusting . She wrapped her legs around me and started pushing back on my cock . She looked at me and said fuck mommy . That was a first for me . I pushed my dick in as fully as I could . I hammered her as fast I could . She loved it . I unloaded . She looked at me and said my turn . I replied your turn . Hell yes I wanna get on top . Sure enough we switched and she gotten on top
We fucked once more . I ended up staying the night . Next morning we fucked again . I’ve been seeing her weekly for about 6 months now .