• 6 months ago

as wild as i could get. my married black boyfriend is seperated from his wife. my wife went to work last night at 10. he texted me and was in a motel room upset about his wife i went there and we basically had sex all night. i swallowed and let him fill me up mutlple times then around 2 am he posted an ad on a site and a guy came over also black he watched me have sex with him then he watch him cum in me again. the front desk called and told us to be more quiet because the table he was fucking me on was banging against the wall. one one bed it had a few wet spots from me cumming. we had sex in every part of the motel room. i am going to work tired sore and with his cum still dripping out of me. not sure where this is going in my life but i dont think i have ever had this much sex with anyone.