• 1 month ago

I met a friend of my sisters the other day at the mall and we really connected. She is 15 to my 20 and very good looking and athletically built. The three of us had a food court lunch and hung out shopping and talking and walking around until she had to meet her mom who had dropped Rachel off for a few hours, so we met her mom too. Even my sister mentioned the connection that was obvious between Rachel and I. I think that she was a little jealous. My sister is a little prettier and very slightly curvier. We have been having sex since we wrestled around one time when she was 13. We had always rough housed but by that age she was getting curious and her hormones were raging. We have a great relationship. She tried a couple other guys and didn’t like them. We seduced a different and closer girlfriend of hers and they both found out that they loved pussy. Now they are officially dating, with me joining them occasionally. I chased after Rachel and within a week we were an item. By the end of the week we were fucking.(She had been with one guy her age twice.) So now she too sleeps with my sister and loves being Bi.