• 2 weeks ago

I don’t feel bad about having a long term affair. She is nothing special to the world, but she was something special to me. She gave me the attention I needed when you were unable to show any kindness or empathy. She would calm my soul when I needed you the most. She’s not prefect but I’ll leave you in a heartbeat for her when the time comes. For a decade you put yourself above all else. And guess what… all the while your parts are all dried up I’m going to tell you how much I actually want a kid. After it’s too late. Maybe I’ll have one with her. And when your sister is dead and you’re alone in the world thinking about your youth and wondering where it all went… with your finger on the trigger of a revolver…member these words.

“(Whispers in your ear)…pull the trigger and do the rest of us a favor. End that genetic line.

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