• 2 months ago

I am in a lesbian relationship woman a few years older than me. She is very experienced. I am new to girl-girl sex but I always wanted to try. We have been going out for about 6 months and going at it for the last 4 months. She likes to be the one on top. Sometimes she spanks my bum. Never hard until two weeks ago. She asked me to let her spank me more and harder. I said ok because I love and trust her. She slapped my tits and used a belt on my bum. She would ask if that was ok and I said yes and she’d do it more. In between she would be sweet and kiss me and tell me I’m sexy. Then at the last, she had me lay with my back on her and she spanked my pussy. I had the best orgasm that way. We talked and said we’d only do it once and awhile. I’m glad but at the same time I want her to dominate me more. It’s mad!

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