• 6 days ago

My sisters friend just left for dinner and my sister is taking a shower. They are both 13, I’m 16. I was going to spy on them around the pool and stroke off cause their both cute but mom was still home so I couldn’t. Not long after mom left for work it started to rain like crazy. They came running inside in their bikinis and they both sat on the couch I was on. I had just about to spy and rub one off. Glad I hadn’t started that. We hung out wondering what to do besides watch t.v. Kelly my sister whispered to me wondering if I could see Deb’s boobs. I had noticed almost immediately and nodded, “Yea.” She giggled. Debbie’s top was loose and it gave us a good view of her small, cone shaped tits and bright pink nipples. “What?” she asked us. We both were smiling and Kelly laughed. “What you guys?! Tell me!” I decided to tell her, “Your top is really loose Deb and we can see your breasts almost like your topless.” So that was fun to talk about and We both said that we liked looking at them. “They are nice looking” Kelly said. I agreed. As she was adjusting she said, “Okay you two,
since you got to see mine let’s see your boobs then!” It was funny at first. We all laughed and talked. Kelly gave in first after I peeled my shirt off and fondled my own breasts and nipples. “Common Debbie I dare you, it’s just our boobs! and anyway we’ve already seen yours!” Pretty soon we all talked each other into locking the house up, getting soda, then going to Kelly’s room and getting totally naked. They agreed pretty easy when I said that it was two on one, and I would go first. We looked closely and touched a lot, we all kissed each other a lot and suckled on the girls breasts. I didn’t tell them how much sex I had had or how many girls, but they learned quite a bit more than they thought they might. Neither girl had done more than kiss a guy let alone kiss a girl, suck on another girl’s breasts or closely check out another girl’s pussy. Never had they seen a real dick or touched one, They loved making it into a big hard cock. They were ready to try oral when Debbie’s phone rang. Her mom was on her way to pick her up. 10 minutes later just after some quick kissing all around she was gone. We were surprised that we had been fooling around for over 4 hours.
When Kelly was finished I took a quick shower then we ate some lasagna that I had tossed in the oven. We talked pretty in depth about what was happening with us and Debbie. We had both enjoyed it immensely. We knew that Debbie had and had invited herself over tomorrow. Kelly and I watched one show we both followed then went back to her bed. We did it all over again and added oral sex. We couldn’t sleep together since mom would be home around midnight but that was okay, to be continued???

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