• 4 months ago

i am a married man been bisexual for years and monday night early morning i decided to visit a local park near me. i am a guy that always does the right thing 24/7. i love my life but i decided to take a chance the other day it was very risky and i admit stupid but with the world how it is now it felt good to let loose and not give a fuck. i went to the dark side of the park very dim lighting picnic tables and i parked and there were 4 other cars there i was not sure if they were all men and was hoping none were cops and thankfully after i took all my clothes off and decided to walk up to the picnic area totally nude i figured none were cops and i put a towel on one of the picnic tables and decided to bend over with my ass torwards them in the cars. then i heard a car door open and seen one walking up to me. he came up behind me felt my ass and i handed him a condom i heard him unzip his pants he was an older skinny guy but i never seen his cock and he started fucking me. i was so turned on by the other cars watching. it was dim light but i know they could see it. he started going faster then i felt him pull out and cum on my ass. no words at all then he zipped up got in his car and left. and i thought what the hell i may try another one. got on the table and started to masturbate then i seen another guy walking up. black guy already had his shorts off. and then i got on my knees and started to suck him. i would say he was around 8 inches. then got up bent over table and tried to give him a condom and well he just shoved it in without the condom. he pushed me down and he was pounding me. i am betting the other people in the cars could hear his skin slapping against mine. i was so fucking hard. grunting with every hard thrust. he started to cum in me but then pulled out and i felt it shoot up on my back. i know i should not have done that but for those few minutes i felt free. no one arguing no virus crap no masks just sex. i already cum on my towel as he was pounding me. its been over a year since i had a hard fuck like that and i did it in front of others while they were watching. i felt fucking great. i did not even wipe all of it off then went back to my car put my clothes on and went to work. it was fucking great!!!!!