• 2 weeks ago

i am a married man and started work early this morning but decided to stop in a local park a few hours before i started. the park is known for sex and there is a part of it that has no lights and is very dark with pinic tables. when i parked there were 4 other cars there and i love that its dark and no one can see from the road nearby. i decided to get totally nude grab some condoms and see what happens. got out of my car and i knew the other cars there could see me. i went and bent over one of the tables with my ass spread facing them. i seen a quick light on me from a cell phone and i was so hard. i heard a car door open and i seen one of them walking torwards me. i honestly could not see his face and he come up behind me feeling my ass then i felt his finger go in. i gave him a condom and i heard him unzip his pants. and i felt him go in. my cock was on the table and i was already close to cumming. it was a huge turn on knowing whoever was in the other cars could see me getting anal sex. it was a hard fuck. i felt him cum on my back. i wiped myself off he did not say anything zipped his pants back up and left. i lit a cigarette and i think it was safe to assume the other cars were not cops and decided to lay on my stomach nude facing them. then i seen another one get out of his car and walk up i asked what he was look for and he put his hand on my ass. then with the other cars sitting there watching i moved to the end put my feet on the ground tried to give in a condom he gave me the i cant wear that excuse and i said ok but don’t cum in me and i let him. i let him put his black cock into my white ass and i never seen how big he was but he was enjoying fucking me and he took a bit but i felt him put out then cum between my ass. i felt some of it running down my inner thigh. i fucking love parking and having sex with other men.!!!! i put my clothes on and went to work. i am sore from the second guy that was some good anal sex.

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