• 3 days ago

Im out there pretty much every day you know?

That grocery stroe we used to see each other at every now and again. I drive by your old street. I never knew or actually saw your house, I would’ve been to scared to get caught. I drive by Tasse, my old place on the other side, the view is obstructed by all the trees. I always try to see down Oscar, and its open but its to far over to actually see it.

I actually had to go there when I was a courier in around 2006. I rember getting it in the morning and I thought to myself :). It was very wild going there. It was actually exaxctly the same then. It seemed much bigger back then. I walked in that door with the overhang, it used to be right at the senior kindergarten class was greeted pretty much right there at that intersection to the right was grade 3, left the gym, I’m not sure if it was a teacher or a secretary.

It started out cool to me but by the time I was leaving, yo know Im deep, I always think deeper than the average person, it was kind of sad. Its like wow, that was a cool trip, unfortunately anyone I would have like to have seen was not there. As a matter of fact its probably a fact that not a single peraon in the building was there. And it had probbly been that way for 10 years or more. I even said to the woman “I went here in the 80’s :)” I got a pretty simple “oh yeah?” Thanks for caring lady, you wouldnt understand…..

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