• 3 days ago

Before Secrets Anon went down, there was a strange hurricane a-brewin’. A crazy woman known colloquially as KAM (because she hated men and signed “#KillAllMen in her murderous, racist, sexist/ misandrist rambles) became somehow involved in a feud with a random woman with a crush. Random woman’s name was Ann and her only distinguishing qualities were that she worked as a packer for Amazon, was scared to ask her crush if he liked her and that she foolishly signed her name every post. So, KAM or a third person began copying and pasting KAM’s deranged bullshit and signing “Ann” to these posts. Like fire in a wasp nest, others began re-mixing random old posts and signing it either as Ann or KAM. Before the site went down, 90% of the activity was these remixed shitposts. Combinations of every screwed up soul on that site were mixed together and represented as random others. For a contributor with schizophrenia or paranoia, I can hardly imagine how this would appear. Pretty scary stuff. Never in 4+ years had I seen evidence of an active admin, so the site probably went down for lack of payment. But it was a bizarre ride. Kind of like listening to a CB radio years ago.

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