• 6 months ago

i have been trying hard to stay away from my neighbor that just a few weeks ago we started a sexual relationship she is at least 15yrs my senior i am married in my 40s and she is not bad for her age at all used to be a dance instructor. but after her husband died i took over the yard work and small projects around the house and i have been helping her for the last few years and never even a hint of anything sexual. we have had sex 5 times now and today i was only going to take out her trash and she asked me to come into the bedroom after taking a shower. i was not going to and i know all of this is wrong but a couple of hours ago while we were she told me it helps calm her. we have not used a condom and i love it. its been a couple weeks until today. i know its wrong to cheat on my wife but she says the sex is helping her. i was not going to today but she asked me to. i am sitting in her living room totally nude while she talks to a friend and may likely have more sex when she gets off the phone. she has two sons my age so yeah it is a little odd but the sex is amazing especially when i feel her cum and have an orgasm. i care for her too much to not do this and its a secret affair which she has told me she will never say anything.

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