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This BBC article I read

( ****://www . bbc . com /travel/story/20180813-guna-yala-the-islands-where-women-make-the-rules?fbclid=IwAR1fKLfTlwdPS7J3XepVZMiEWKowiWeEL4j6GTXAN3yAiwIaD89s2ldRFxM )

was about how transgenderism is mostly prevalent in cultures where there is extreme glorification of women or that are run by women, in that article for example and they still see the men as Men but they allow and accept them to live and appear as a woman may live/ appear, growing their hair long wearing women’s clothing etc.

I think that is such an important trend to understand bc within social media, women and the LGBTQ+ movement are so gratified it’s like as a 10 yr old kid, having full access to the internet, how could you not want to be apart of a movement that’s all about Love?

And sure there’s really people out there that Feel a certain way and really live/ see themselves as the opposite gender or are gay and there’s nothing wrong with that but when you expose children into the situation and you don’t give them the right to privacy or the right to make an informed rational decision you get these trends of young adults who totally want to change their lives for reasons they don’t really understand, and sure it all may come from a seemingly ‘good’ place but in ten, twenty, thirty years we’re going to be looking around at a society full of amorphous and ambiguous beings

I mean look, who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that other than the fact that we will be living in a complete fantasy world.

Everyone will constantly be and already are trying to jump on the fastest, hottest, trendiest, new band wagon and we’ve got instagram and twitter to show it all off to the world for any one who’s anyone to comment, and it’s all A SHOW!

I can’t believe that our society is coming to this, 50 years ago Black Americans were still fighting for Basic Human Freedoms, basic American freedoms and now we’re here? At this?

I just don’t know where it ends and I am scared for the future, and for the future of people who have to make these new and next finalizing decisions about our democracy.

Why does the world have to be such a confusing place?
Why can’t people be content knowing that they won’t have to Boil water from a river just to drink.

We should be moving towards ways to better integrate our society and the whole new age feminist movement has totally fucked shit up.

I just think that this whole thought process and glorification of the LGBT and new age feminist movements are getting way out of control.

Who’s to say what kind of impact this behavior will have on the future.

I guess it’s all fine and dandy as long as some people are content and unbothered in their own delusion….?

I don’t know that sounds like bullshit to me.

I think we should all be focusing on the future of our youth, on World peace, on research into Clean Energy, on Education !

On Real Education, for ALL!

I’m just frustrated because everyone wants to dance around this subject and no one can come up with any concrete answers, maybe because it doesn’t matter as much as all of the other issues I just brought up….

I wish I had the answers and the quick fix.

I also wish people would at least open up a discussion about things.

It’s not like I’m hoping for utopia, in the future, but these are real issues and if we really want men and women and People in general to be seen as equals, to organize thoughtful approaches to new issues then this is something we should be able to push past.

I don’t think this needs to be such a big deal but listen, honestly the future of our nation and the future of the WORLD is at stake but we could all be just living in some fucked up alien simulation test bullshit WHO KNOWS

Sincerely, O

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