• 1 month ago

Holiday with the family, huh? Yeah, holiday with the family who never told you who yo stay with or where to go. The family that didnt offer any help or support five states away to kids still in highschool. Or so i thought.

No. Your just a fucking idiot with iver 15 holes in your brain from over dosing on fucking cough medicine. Because you’re so fucking addicted to it you took three packs of the shit leaving me to drive five states home in a blizzard because you’re stupid ass couldn’t do anything but accuse me for being unloyal and a bad gf.

Fuck you Ocean. Fuck you and your damn lie. Fuck you are your fucking drug problem, fuck you for hiding the fb messages from all the girls you raped but told me I wasn’t being a proper gf jy letting you read everything I had in my phone.

Fuck you for using me. Fuck you and your stupid pencil penis that couldn’t keep a micro vigina.

Stay the fuck out of my life, because I know you’ve broken your parol over five time since you got arrested and I broke up with you. If I ever see you again, bet your fucking ass I’m turning you in for the 10 year sentance you got out of *again*. Fuck.

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