• 5 months ago

Prestonian here with a bad thing that happened to me tonight. I talk a lot of trash on a local gay board like I do here and I met some white from there and planned to meet this evening in a motel room (he paid) and I would fuck his asshole (no condom) then leave. When I arrived nice feelings were in the air and he kissed me and gave me a wine. Then suddenly 4 or 5 whites jumped out of the closet and bathroom and said “hold that damn nigger down!”

They each took their turn on me, ramming me hard and slapping my ass before ejaculating in my anus then laughing and switching.

Some people might say I have this coming for talking trash but I really feel low tonight and I’ve been crying all night. I really thought this cracker liked me and wasn’t a damn racist like the rest.

Happy Valentine’s day fam, I hope yours is better than mine. Damn racist honkeys making old Prestonian cry and so blue this night.

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