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Michael Drumgool was my roommate in 2012 he made me serve Him His son and His White neighbors. THey’d come to the house and call me nigger and spit on the floor and simply point and say boy. And I would have to immediately wipe it up without any acknowledgement or hesitation. When i made the mistake of thinking i was anything more than the neighborhood house boy i was taught otherwise in the backyard. The hardest part was having to take nude whippings infront of everyone except the kids, but then have to act normal infront of those who were not in on it. When Mike had girls over which was at least every other week when POF was popular he’d call me into the room and get me high with them and domonstrate his dopminance over me. Once he had a super hot Hatian chick over who didnt like black people. They had a feild day on me. She’d slobber his huge cock and then spit the slobber into my face, and forced me to rub his stupid White Feet while she rode him reverse cow girl. The day i finally got away Mikey had smacked me around in front of his son who joined in and spit in my face and was ordering me around making me clean up after him and gettign out of hand. Mikey forced me to strip down and led me into the back room away from the boy but told him to listen. He leashed me by the neck and attached cuffs from my wrists to the other end of the leash which was pulled over a wooden ceiling beam. He began whipping me with my own belt then he picked up one of the belts left behind by some slut he’d fucked which had false spikes rounded metal on it. Every hit was squarely accross both cheeks of my ass and caused me to yelp loud enough fro neighbors to hear. People walked into the house and i could hear them laughing with the boy chatterring about “what the nigger must have done..” to piss off Mikey. The boy told them i had not been listening to him and i was gonna learn respect. The door opened and about 7 or 8 teenagers and an older redneck woman that always buys them beer and gets fucked up with them were gawking at my body striated with purple speckled welts from the fancy belt. Mikey told them to come in and to shut the fuckign door cause the boy cant be seeing this. Then they all came in and he ask them if they wanted to take a wack. Everyone went for the belt he offered but this senior cheerleader chick about 18 ended up with it, she just smacked me a few times while laughing hyterically and then Jim this pale fat kid took the belt from her and said this is how you whoop a nigger. His first hit was from the front but the aim was so bad that it hit accross my back over my shoulder. Then he went to town on my abs and fron thighs. i began sinking into a frozen humiliated place and no longer felt any physical pain just the humiliation that every teenager in the area was going to to know that Mike house nigger and had a hard dick from being pissed on and spit on and serving my racist White neighbors.

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