• 2 years ago

Sex tourism isn’t always what the media portrays. It is sex tourism in the way that I travel to get sex that I would not be comfortable engaging in where I live. Anonymity is part of the allure. I am 55 and I have a hidden part of my life. I enjoy engaging in sex with other men, older men. I travel to known vacation destinations, Cancun, Belize, Mazatlan and I interview the cab drivers and ask them to set me up with an older man who would like to ‘service’ me. I pay for the dinners, he stays with me at the hotel, we have sex, a big macho looking man with a mustache and a hard cock he isn’t afraid to use is what I look for. I am particular, I don’t want some sissy man, I’m the sissy, I get serviced. Then I go home and wait a while before I make my next trip, different city.