• 7 months ago

I thought it would be nice to kiss this girl one time a few years ago standing in the fog together.

She made me feel good then. That was a moment for me. She didn’t have to but she stood out there beside me staring at me. I know she had a boyfriend, I also had a vibe that it wasn’t going to last, I felt too old for her, but really I don’t know that’s up to her, but it was so foggy out I said to her “it’s so foggy, my hair is wet like it’s raining” basically to awkwardly break the silence with her staring at me. She goes “I know, mines a mess…” and kind of shakes her head. It was lovely. I did think how it would be nice though.

We’re both older now by a few years. I think she’s happy with the newer guy, I think she’s doing well outside of school starting her career, she’s an attractive girl. I miss her, she started out sweet and nice and I think she got me wrong for a while there because of the wrong people talking, but she really got me for the first while. I hope she doesn’t see me as a bad guy now because of bs. I don’t hold it against her that she maybe did buy it. I don’t think she got that I had been hurt and was getting hurt, and not even seeing it.

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