• 7 months ago

About three weeks ago. At home enjoying lunch with my mom and her best friend. My mom brought up my birthday and if I had a Birthday gift list started. Her friend your going to be 17 ? I replied nope 18 this year. Looked at my mom and said thinking I need a date with an older lady , Nice dinner and a movie. Mom replied now be serious Ok about about a few friends over do the BBQ , birthday cake and pony ride event for everyone? Mom replied ok fine we wouldn’t discuss it again. Well the big day came we had birthday party. Time came to open the presents and cards. Opened one card with a note, reading dinner and a movie. Next Saturday. Looked over at Sue ( moms best friend ) and gave me a smile. Saturday finally came. Sure enough she showed up . And off we went. Had a nice lunch at Apple Bee’s and a movie. On the way home Sue we need to have a stop on the way home. I replied well your driving. We pulled into the motel 6 parking lot. She looked over at me and said We don’t have all day , come on . And showed me a key to a room . She said you can’t take me home and I live two doors down. So lets finish the afternoon off with some sex. We found the room and entered. She was undressing and looked at me and said hey don’t be shy now. I removed my clothes and joined her in the bed. We started kissing and foundling each other. She was good and wet . She spread her legs and Invited me to get on top. I pulled myself and penetrated her wet willing pussy. She gave a slight moan and I started thrusting away . She wrapped her legs around me and said fuck mommy real good. Ended up fucking mommy three times that day, twice in the bed and once in the shower.

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