• 8 months ago

A year ago, In November I met my cousin “E” for the very first time. I had been shopping at my local grocery store going down an aisle when I was stopped by a woman who said that I looked very familar to her. She asked me what my last name was and she told me her family back story. It turns out that she was my 1st cousin, or not quite sure how to explain it but, my mothers brother married my fathers sister so, I suppose techically we are just 1st cousins? I was 43 and she was 30. I moved away from my home town when I was 19 so should would have been 13 if we would have meet back then. It was really just a quick five to ten minute conversation but, we exchanged phone numbers. Although it was interesting meeting a relative for the first time, I didnt have any interest in socializing beyond that moment and would have never kept her number or called. I completed my shopping and by chance ended up right behind her in the checkout lane. We were both standing there ackwardly trying to figure out if we should say something. I said that I should have known right away we were related because of our good looks. She laughed and said “true”. Honestly, she was average at best, but it seemed like the polite thing to say. That comment prompted her to ask if I wanted to meet for a drink sometime. I said yes, why not? A week later “E” sends me a text to see if I was busy that day after work. It turns out that we actually worked less than two miles away from each other. Intially I was very reluctant to meet up, I knew she came from a very strict religious upbringing. I am not religious at all but, I was very intrigued with the family connection. We meet that day at a local bar for some drinks. We had the usual ” how is you side of the family” bullshit conversation. I really wasnt even interested but, I was drinking and I wanted to steer the conversation into a different direction. After some drinks she loosened up a bit, I dont remember how we got onto the topic of relationships and then the topic of sex but, suprisingly she was very open to talk about it. We talked about all sorts of things and said she wasnt sure why but, she felt like she could trust me and say anything. She shared that she was living with her boyfriend but, that she was still in constent contact with her ex boyfriend and that they would still have sex on the down low sometimes. She showed me some pictures of both of them and I said how similar they looked and that she definitely had a type. I usually get flirty when I drink so, I jokingly told her that I guess I wouldnt be her type. She laughed and said no, youre very handsome. That kind of flipped the switch for me and we started talking about our sexual preferences. She said she prefered to get fucked in the ass over conventional sex, and how she always had a fantasy of being with a transexual. I was very blown away by her openness. She remarked that the lady bartender probably thought we were perverts. I said that the bartender was just jealous and wanted to have a threesome with us. “E” said that girls were gross and that she would never do that. She said she would masterbate to two transexuals fucking her at once often. “E” was only ordering vodka shots, she said it was all she ever drank or usually ordered. “E” confessed that when she a teenager she would often do meth with her older brother. She said a few times while high they had kissed. I wanted to know more but, all she would say was that he was always “handsy” growing up. She left things open to interpretation. She said that sometimes her uncle “I” would be there getting high with them. I knew that couldnt be good. It reminded me of a story my mom had told me recently about that uncle. “I” she told me he had showed up at his sisters place high in the middle of the night. He was demanding sex and saying all of these wild sexual things he was going to do with her. Fearing for her safety she convinced him to get something from the store for her and well he was out she phoned the police. “E” soon called it a night and I escorted her to her car and gave her a big brotherly hug. She was wearing an oversized shirt so, I couldnt really tell that she had big boobs until the moment of the hug. I asked if I could get a second hug and she asked why. I said that I wanted to hug those huge boobs and I hugged her again. She said she had recently lost a lot weight and that they were not that impressive now. I said that maybe I can be the judge of that. She laughed and got in her car and drove away. Over the next few weeks we started texting each other. She would call me often. She seemed to have a lot of problems going on with her home life and family. I didn’t want to give out to much information about myself because I didnt really know her. I had heard from other family members that I should not trust her so, I kept my conversations light and didnt offer to much detail about my life. I think she just needed someone she could talk to and not judge her. Eventually the texting turned more playful and she started asking me about the things I had done or were interested in sexually. I joked that see could send me a picture of her boobs if she wanted me to offer up more info. An hour later she sends me a selfie she took at her work restroom with her boob hanging out. She said she could take more pictures when she got home if I sent her a dick picture. I never did send her that picture. She begged me for it for a few days and sent me a close up picture of herself rubbing her clit and a great picture of her huge tits. They were actually super nice considering she said she had been really overweight for a longtime but, they were still big double ds and they were wide with big areolas. I honestly wasnt even attracted to her but, I really liked the open conversations we had. She wasn`t my type at all but, in a way she kind of reminded me of my sister. I could see some family resemblance and my biggest fantasy had always been to fuck my sister “B”. It was in a way a second place trophy, or more of a 5th place trophy actually. “E” asked me if I felt weird about us texting each other these sexual conversations because she said she felt like we were practically brother and sister. I told her I did feel a little guilty but, I was lying, I said that we were adults and we could do whatever the fuck we wanted. She flip flopped back and forth about hooking up over text for weeks. Some of the things she said should have sent up red flags but, at the time I didn’t care or just ignored them. She would deflect my text about sucking my dick but, was down to have regular sex and mostly just wanted anal sex or to be eaten out. She said we would never kiss and that I couldn’t cum on her. I stopped repling to her for a week because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put forth the effort into it. She loved texting me but, she always found an excuse to not take a day off or find some time after work, even though she said she always had a lot of free time. And then it finally happened in Feburary four months after meeting. It was a Monday morning and she shot me a text around 10am. “E” said it was a few days before her period and that she was horny as fuck. She had sex with her boyfriend that morning but was fingering herself under her desk at work and couldn’t stop thinking about me actually fucking her. I told her to come over to my place during lunch and she was all for it. I went home for lunch and texted her to come on over. I wasted most of my lunch trying to convince her to come over, I live literally 5 mintues away from her work. My lunch was over and I told her I was dissapointed but, that I understood. She sends me another text to meet her at the park behind her work right away. I said sure and drive on over and park. I can see her from a distance waving me over. When I get closer she ducks into the womens restroom. She waves for me to follow her. At this point I am a little grossed out, it wasn’t what I envisoned but, I was still excited so I follow her in. She walks into a handicaped womens stall and pulls me in and shuts the door behind us. I lean in to try and kiss her and she wags her finger at me and says “no”. I pull her tits out of her bra and they just spill over onto my hand. They’re massive and I instantly get hard. I suck on her tits for awhile, she had big long nipples, after awhile I move up to her neck and I start nibbling/biting kind of hard. She pulls away a little and says “no” again. I turn her around and she starts to take her pants down to her knees. I pull my pants mostly all the way off, stupid shoes. I start to rub her clit with my dick. She wants me to see how wet she is and grabs two of my fingers and puts them inside her. I start bouncing my dick off off her ass while I finger her. She invites me to slide it in and I go into her pussy as deep as I can and hold it. I pulse my cock for about twenty to thirty seconds just enjoying it and realizing how incredibly taboo and hot this was. She was mostly shaved but, had a landing strip of hair on her pussy. She didn’t have much of an ass but, she had really wide hips which was nice to hold on to. I start fucking her pretty aggressively from behind and she leans over and grabs the handicap rail in front of her. I grab her hair into a ponytail and start pulling it while watching her huge tits bounce around from the side. I reach over and start choking her a little. She says no, so I stop it. I try to pull her shirt all the way off but again she says no. I think she was a little self conscious about some stretch marks. I grab her wide hips and pound away from behind for about 20 mintues. I start talking really dirty to her and asking if she likes me/her brother’s cock inside her. She says “oh hell yes, fuck me, fuck me” She was pretty wet and I was having a hard time concentrating because of the public restroom location. I told her that we might have to continue this some other place. She said that was fine because she had already came once. I told her I couldn’t even tell because she was so quiet. I think the restroom stall rattling drowned her moaning out. We cleaned up and got all the way dressed. I pushed her against the wall and dry humped her a little longer. I tried to go in for a kiss again and she said “stop already no kissing”. I left the restroom first and yelled to her to let her know it was clear to come out. The park was empty, it was Monday morning. I drove back to work late from lunch and she sent me a text me half an hour later. She said she couldn’t believe that just happened. I said it was to be continued and that it was a lot of fun. I told her I couldn’t wait to have her on her back taking it hard again. She texted the rest of the day telling me all of the things she wanted to do with me in bed. She texted for a few more weeks after but, again she never found time to meet up. Eventually, her texts tapered off and she stopped responding to my texts and I ended up deleting her phone number. I have not heard from her in over 8 months. It’s now November, a year later after meeting her for the first time. I am not sure what that was. In some ways I feel like I should know she was troubled and tried to guided her in a different direction. Other times I think she just got what she wanted and just moved on. I moved on to but, it’s still great retelling/reliving it written down 🙂

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