• 8 months ago

I was babysitting my co-workers son for a few days. And I had my boyfriend over to keep me company. One day we wanted to have sex in his room while he played with his toys. I gathered his toys on his bed and started taking off my clothes I was playing toys with him nude to set the kinky mood. He kept looking at my big tits and hairy bush so I let him touch my tits as I laid on my back on his bed as my boyfriend walked in with a hard on. He looked at my boyfriend with surprise watching his 9″ dick flicker up and down. That’s when he flickered his dick in front of the boy’s face as the boy was curious and touched it.
I got up and gave my boyfriend head right in front of his face. The boy was giggling even though he didn’t know what we were doing. This made my boyfriend extra hard as the boy was just watching us and playing with his toys. I placed some toys on my stomach as I squeeze my big tits together as my boyfriend started fucking me. The boy was seeing my boyfriend’s big dick pounding my hairy pussy. We both looked at each other as we were lost in kinkyness. After a few minutes he pulled out and shot a thick creamy load all over his toys and my tits as the boy jumped with surprise seeing white ooze that shot out like 4 times. I grabbed a paper towel for the boy to clean me and his toys up. After that we felt hella guilty, yet it was a one time experience we wanted to get out of our system. Im attempted to do it again. I can’t control that kinky urge. I know it’s so wrong, but it makes sex on a very elevated level. I would like to know if any of you had this experience as babysitters or as parents to enhance your sex life?

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