• 7 months ago

Standing in line at the CVS store. Turned around and there was our pizza delivery guy. We both said hello. He asked to waite up and catch up. So I did. He asked where have I’ve been . Told him since my daughter moved out I just needed a smaller place . And I’m out of your delivery area. He told me that he missed me and started back in college. Then he asked about my plans this afternoon ? Told him off to apple bees for lunch . Then I said would you like to join in ? He replied sure. Off to apple bees and found a table . Little awkward the waitress asked about our drink orders. I gave mine . Then the waitress asked what does the son like to have. He replied I’m not the son , She’s my date and I’ll have ice tea please. We both gave him a funny look. She returned and took her order . Lunch was delivered. During dinner we talked about jobs and life. Half way though our lunch . I reached down and felt for his cock and started rubbing on it. He gave me a look I replied well I’m your date right ? Asked him if he had any plans for the afternoon . He said no . I replied yes you do and gave him a smile. Your coming back to my apartment. After lunch He followed me to my apartment. Showed him around and introduced him to the only and only bedroom. He kicked his shoes off and jumped into the bed. I replied I don’t think so I’m not one of your college dates. Get up and remove your clothing. We both undressed together. He then decided to be a gentleman and place me nicely into my bed. We started making out And exploring each others bodies. I felt his hard cock up against my body. I looked down and seen what I was going to receive. It looked really good. I invited him up and take me . I completely opened my legs , He gently inserted his shaft . And slowly started thrusting. We started kissing . I responded with fuck mommy. Told him I enjoyed long strokes and he done just that. I reached up grabbed the head board . His thrusting became more intense I released with a loud oh my god. He shot his load. I looked at him and said your dick is still hard ! Told him I wanna be on top . We rolled over I fucked him really good. Rest of the afternoon we laid next to each other and making future plans

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