• 2 years ago

My third confession here. I left one 4 days ago and another two days ago. My fiancee’s current working schedule is different than mine, so I have extra time for my fantasies. I love to crossdress (she doesn’t know it yet) and love to be submissive in bed. I dressed up like a slut, again, except I put sanitary pad Always Ultra size 3 with wings into my girly panties. Then I took fiancee’s Hitachi and massaged my private parts while having her dildo in my ass. The orgasm was UNBELIEVABLE! It was extremely powerful, I started shaking and uncontrollably moaning like a woman. I didn’t jerk, didn’t have an erection, well maybe some small erection but nothing close to normal erection – my penis was slightly enlarged but still soft the whole time. Such erections seem to be much more intense, so I’ll definitely continue with them. It feels different and sperm just slowly leaked on my sanitary pad. It took me almost a minute to pull myself together due to the extremely intense orgasm. I recommend this to every men out there because such orgasms are way more intense than the regular ones.