• 8 months ago

Years ago, when I used to take pics with 35mm camera and get them developed at local drug store, I used to take a few naked pics at the end of each roll, just for the fun of it. One time, when I went to pick up my photos, the counter girl said I had to talk to the pharmacist (pharmacists are usually the managers of the drugstores, in case you didn’t realize that) and I asked “Why? What’s wrong?” and she said, with a big smile on her face “nothing really, don’t worry, but whenever there’s nudity involved, she has to review the photos” but don’t worry, I developed them, and you’ll be fine!” I went back to the pharmacist and she said there were two photos that violated their standards – one, where I had an erection and the other where my finger was in my anus!!! Any penetration or erection or ejaculation pictures are always flagged, she said. But she was very unthreatening and seemed to be very happy, pleasant about the whole thing. In fact, she said, “I hope this won’t discourage you from having your pictures developed here. Just be careful of the guidelines, that’s all!” As I was leaving, she said, “wait, okay, I’m sorry about all this, I’m just doing my job – but here, you can have these prints, I have to keep the double-print for our files but you can have the single print.” So I took it/them. And smiled. And started to leave. She said “I really hope you’re not feeling bad/awkward about this – it’s okay, really! To be honest, it’s actually kind of fun and we enjoy getting pics like this. Don’t worry about it!”

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