• 7 months ago

So this might sound weird but here it goes. I enjoy going insane. Going insane is just so relieving. All of your pent up emotions come out in on huge episode of insanity and after your just so calm. You just let it all out and don’t care anymore more and whatever happens happens. I haven’t gotten the chance to go insane for a while and i got so much built up emotion so I can’t wait for when I can finally go nuts. I have to do it when I’m alone or else I’ll get taken away. I know I will. So I just wait. When I finally go insane again it’s going to be so big! I hope when I’m older I can get my own house with my own little padded room! A padded room yes. The safe spaces of safe spaces. I don’t have a safe space yet. I want one so bad. That’s why I have to wait. But one of these days that will change and I can be as insane as I want! Yes! Is there a term for how I feel? Is there a word for liking insanity? I know I can’t be the only person in the world that loves going nuts! I can’t be!!

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