• 7 months ago

Me and my x wife were parting with this other couple and they had kids. We were over at there house one night and my wife and the husband went into the other room. We went down into the basement and when we got down there a couple of the kids were sitting on the couch named. She turned to me and asked if I’ve ever sucked on a young boys cool. I said no and she said would I. I told her yes. There 7 year old was sitting there and she said go ahead. She said that when he gets excited he will start peeing. She said he will cumming right after that. I started sucking and then he started seeing in my mouth and then he came. It didn’t taste to bad. I had Lee all over the front of me. I drank as much as I could but it was to much at one time. I did get all of his cum though.

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