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OMG, I thought the last “dare” was bad, well, listen up. I confess – I let my neighbors take advantage of me again. This time, we went to mall, found female security guards, asked them if they had ever done a cavity search. They laughed and said they’re not really cops. My friends said, “but, could you, if you suspected, do a cavity search?” They still said, well, not really. My friends pressed on, “what if we said we suspect this guy has hidden something in his anus? Would you like to strip him and go “exploring” with a finger or two?” To which they laughed and said, “well, yeah, I’d like to but we can’t do that! haha” but my neighbors pressed on, and asked “what if you were given permission? Ya see, he lost a bet and we want to see him get strip searched and cavity searched” – and the security guard, totally caught offguard but thinking about it, said “well, um, maybe, I don’t know.” After a little more conversation, explaining I had “lost a bet”, they took me into a security room at the mall, and two other female guards joined us, and I was asked to disrobe. I took off all my clothes in an empty room. There was a knock at door, they asked me to come outside, I walked out completely naked, my three neighbors and three female security personnel. They had me stand on scale and weighed me. I think they were just killing time and didn’t know what to do. Then, had me bend over, with my elbows on a table/desk, and one of the security guards slipped a lubed gloved finger into my anus! She felt around and then pulled out. And then the other one did the same, and the other one! When the exam was done, I turned around, and my cock was semi-hard and dripping with pre-cum, and I didn’t know what to expect was next. But I won’t lie, nothing happened. They told me to put on my clothes, and I went home. The drive home was awkward. I felt guilty for what I just allowed to happen, but yet I sort of enjoyed it. I don’t know why I keep doing this! This is not like me at all!

btw, who keeps giving me a “thumbs down”? C’mon, I’m confessing to the most embarrassing moments of my life. I don’t know why I keep doing this! But I’m not a bad person, and if these women are enjoying seeing me naked, well, nobody’s hurt. I don’t know. Wish I could hear opinions but this stupid site stopped allowing us to communicate!

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