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I confess I enjoy being seen naked – either in person or photographs. This story happened many years ago, I was living at apartment place and it’s pretty elaborate, but it worked! I took a couple intimate selfies, printed them out, and did some sketches of them on a large 12 x 18 pad of artist sketch pad, with the photos attached to each drawing. The pictures were of 1) my ear 2) my genitals front view and 3) my genitals (scrotum) back view with my anus front and center! I left the sketch pad and photos in laundry room at my apartment basement. Turned out, someone tacked up the pictures/sketches on the bulletin board there, which is usually filled with cars for sale, stuff like that. My pics were up there for a couple weeks! Then, they disappeared. Not sure who took them, until, the monthly apartment newsletter came out, and there was my ear – the photo and sketch – front page. And it was asking if there’s an artist who lost some of his/her erotic/earotic sketches. And it went on to say the other pictures can’t be published here but if you see this ear around the complex, let us know, as we’d like to give the sketches/photos back to their owner(s).

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