• 11 months ago

I (male) went to a friend’s (female) apartment party and I didn’t know anyone there but the host. While I was in the bathroom, she knocked then immediately opened the door, busting in, and saying “I’ll just be a second, I won’t look” – I can’t believe I was standing there peeing and there were girls in hallway who could clearly see me and my genitals! I couldn’t stop peeing once I had started! I confess though, I didn’t cover up at all and sort of enjoyed seeing her friends look at me! She grabbed something from the cabinet, and left but before she closed the door, she stared right at my peeing cock, too. Later that night, she kept bring it up, saying things like “oh, this is my neighbor Tom, you’ve met him already, right? Oh yeah, you were in the hallway outside the bathroom! haha” Then, she’d say “oh, c’mon, we’re all adults, don’t get weird about it, so we’ve seen your cock!”

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