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Last week I had sex with the woman of my dreams. It was my older sister.

I’m 29, she’s seven years older than me and has always been the sexiest bitch in any group she’s in. Every friend, acquaintance, classmate has always leaked their jeans when she is around, but she never flirted with anyone, never really dated, knows how hot she is but it’s just a very emotionally shut off person. Because this smoking Fox was always around but I had no real bond with her I developed romantic feelings instead of what one might call normal familial feelings. But we’ve always been cool and communicative.

Anyway, this was our first Thanksgiving since our parents died, and it was just her and I spending the long weekend together at our childhood home in Boca. We didn’t even cook a proper meal, we got Chinese and blazed all day, just talking shit like we always do. But when the sun went down, the sativa was taking us to another level. She started telling me crazy shit about every guy she ever got close to would eventually hurt her, emotionally and physically . Even our father. She told me I’m the only one who loves her for her, that doesn’t judge her no matter what. I blushed. She pecked me on the cheek and snuggled up. She told me she’s caught me thousands of times staring at her lost in lust and that it was okay. That deep down she’s long had the same feeling for me.
We pounced on each other, and started making out like teenagers. So wrong but right. She started grabbing and massaging my cock through my shorts, and a was so hard that it hurt. She asked me if I loved her, for all that she is really loved her. I mean wtf but I was high and swimming in lust Yes of course all my friends would be jealous even with it being wrong

And then I found out why she was so depressed all these years. She took her jeans off right in my face, and wouldn’t you know it my beautiful sister had the hairest, blackest bush you’ve ever seen, and coming out the middle of it was a thick six inch cock. My sister is a hermaphrodite!
“Corey, drain me”
And for the first time in my life I sucked a cock, and in less than a minute she exploded her sweet leche into the back of my throat. W T F is going on how high am I is there bath salts in this???

But it was real, and well, I loved her, and I love her if this is what she is. Then she sucked me with such fury I thought she was going to suck it right off, but between the white widow and generals tsos I couldn’t cum yet. All the while she was fingering my asshole, and once her mouth got tired, she flipped me off the couch violently onto the floor and damn near ripped the shorts from around my feet. Before I could catch my bearings she was pressing her cockhead against my culo.

Yo yo yo whaaa and then she pulled out a little bottle of heaven and held it tight to my nose. Breathe deep, and I did, and the room turned to the heavens, me awash with lust, and my hole gaping for my sister’s thick whistle. That was her cue, and she thrust in, and I felt that beautiful bush tickle my asshole with each push as she went deeper and deeper

My back on the floor, ass up on the side of the couch, me starring into her beautiful Jennifer Connelly-cum-demon like visage as she feasted upon my BACKPUSSY. The jungle juice filling my nostrils keeping my hole Wide thrust thrust my behind was filthy all that Chinese but she kept on couldn’t smell it just vapors bringing me to ecstasy, thrn it happened

She breed me
I felt every rope shoot deep into me filling my colon with the greatest love

All weekend was like this, huffing poppers while my beautiful hermaphrodite sister bred my backsnatch.

She had to go back to Chicago. I don’t think anyone else knows her secret. But it’s all I can think about. I love my sister.

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