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I think I thought a teenage girl a valuable life lesson last Sunday.
I was at work in the petrol,station where I have a part time job and a group of people came in looking around, a man a woman and a girl of about 16 or 17. This young girl was gorgeous, fabulous figure, beautiful face, dark hear and amazing legs and arse. How did I know about the legs and arse. ? Well she was only wearing a t shirt that’s how!
Honestly even though she was out with her parents she was just wearing a mustard yellow tee that came to her thighs, if she was wearing knickers there was no evidence at all. The parents bought some stuff and went back to the car leaving her looking around.
She then came to the counter with a bottle of soft drink and paid for it, when I gave her the change I touched her skin and it felt like the most luxurious silk you have ever touched. She must of seen the way I looked at her because as she walked to the door she was trying to pull the shirt down but sorry little lady it was pointless, I could still see your amazing legs and a couple of inches of your bum cheeks .
It was a lovely moment in my life and I will not forget it and I am sure she will not either but I think she will remember to put some clothes on next time she goes out.

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