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I’m 37 and I fucked this teen girl at a party. She knew my age and I knew she was 15 but I still went for it anyways, her pussy tasted good and I fucked her cunt like a couple of times, by the night time I cuddled with her and she slept on my lap.

I woke up and she was still next to me naked and looking so good, and she was sleeping too so I thought I’ll take advantage, I separated her legs and rubbed her clit and slid a finger in her, I could hear her moans from her sleeping, I gently took my cock and slid it in her again, she kept moaning as I fucked her delicious cunt again, I cum and pulled out. I kissed her cheek and she woke up and smiled at me.

We talk from time to time on iMessage and I’m catching feelings for this girl.. I know I shouldn’t be and I could get in trouble but oh well. She’s my perfect little angel.

I brought her this baby doll outfit I want her to wear the next time I see, then she would be laying on my bed looking like something for me to fuck. I would strip her naked on my bed and I would ravish that sweet little pussy of hers. Taking what’s mine.

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