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I am a 20 yo college student. I came to Georgia to attend school and live with my Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob.
Uncle Bob doesn’t know that I have been fucking his wife since I was 17.
She’s a beautiful Filipina and my mom’s younger sister.
Yesterday while he was at work he called home and I picked up Aunt Rose’s cellphone while she was sucking my dick and had a conversation with him.
He asked why I had picked up her phone and I said “She’s busy doing something and I saw your name on her caller id so I picked it up.” and he said “Ok”.
Then we had a short conversation and I handed the phone to Aunt Rose.
She put it on speaker and had a 5 minute conversation with him, sucking my dick whenever he began speaking, and I fucked her after they ended the call.
He doesn’t suspect a thing.
The first time was when I was a senior in high school. I had a football injury,sore shoulders and back,and she offered to massage me one Sunday at my parents house when they had come over for a visit.
My Aunt is a pretty Asian. My Uncle is white. She is my Mom’s younger sister. Uncle Bob is like 10 years older than Aunt Rose.
We went into my room and she had me strip to my underwear.
I layed face down on my bed and she began.
After a few minutes she went straight to my ass,tugging my briefs off of my cheeks,and just squeezed and fondled them for several minutes.
When she told me to roll over she saw my erection pushing against my drawers.
She smiled and ran her hand over it.
Then she pulled it out.
She told me it was “…much bigger than Bob’s” and she began jerking me off as she leaned over and started kissing me.
It happened so fast.
Next thing I knew I had her legs pinned back on my bed fucking her.
I came inside of her while her husband sat watching baseball with my dad.
When we first came down Uncle Bob asked “How was that massage?”.
I just said ” Fine.” but I felt so guilty at that time.
Aunt Rose said “That was a great one!” a bit too cheerfully I thought and I was worried he would suspect.
So I went outside and tried to relax by myself for a while.
I fucked her again after dinner that day in my room just before they left.
That started it all.
He has no sex drive she has told me many times.

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  • asshole

    keep your selfishness to a mid and think of others!
    i think that if your uncle found out he would be crushed.
    like, how would you feel if the woman your were married to has been fucking your nephew?
    love your family with respect!

    your a douche bag and many more things!!

    self.ish lacking consideration for others concerned chiefly to own personal profit or pleasure

    Anonymous June 9, 2019 4:24 am Reply
    • t to
      h help
      i intrest
      n now
      k k?
      read the other thing i wrote and maybe this clue will show you what i mean to say 🙂

      Anonymous June 9, 2019 4:26 am Reply

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