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I’ve known this dude since 7th grade. We can call him (L). Me and L were TIGHT until one day he hits me dead in my face out of the blue in class. Long story short we fight. I won. We got cool again in 8th grade. We fight again. He won. Fast forward to junior year of high school, there’s this girl we can call (T). He’s been in love with her since 7th. But she’s always like me. So for revenge. I secretly dated her for almost 9 months.. I didn’t even really like the girl. I just wanted to fuck her because A… i was a virgin (even though everyone thought I wasn’t) and B… she had a decent body and I felt I was ready.. so one day after we SECRETLY dated for a while. A couple days before my birthday. I ditched my 3rd period class to go to an empty class with her where no one could see us. She was submissive. She was into choking and a bunch of other stuff.. so in that class room. I took her into the closet and took her pants off and she took her panties off. (In my mind I’m thinking, “oh shit this is my first time. It’s gonna feel so good”) so i stuck it in her… and I came within a couple of seconds… it was embarrassing. But I fingered her and ate her out to where we almost got caught because she was so loud… fast forward some months.. she gets a car…. so we used that.. and we ended up fucking in her car…. she rode me in the car… I came in 2 mins tops….. we break up… I get a new girl…… fast forward to 6 months in the relationship… I fuck her with a condom…. I cum in 4-5 strokes…. I play it off though because I used a condom…. But now… L is dating T… but In between me fucking T.. she’s sucked my dick COUNTLESS times…. and all I can think about is him kissing her…. revenge is a bitch ain’t it?

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