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About 6 months ago. Friend from college talked his girlfriend to having sex with her and taking turns. We were at her house , her bedroom. I sat in a chair and watched them making out and having sex. Few times she looked over and smiled at me. Knowing I would be next, I undressed and sat there exposing myself. Few minutes later she looked over and shouted. Mom please don’t tell my father. Her stepmother was standing there in the door way. My friend pulled out and laid under the bed sheets shaking and very much afraid. My cloths were laying on the floor and had nothing to cover up my stiffie. Once again she said please mom don’t tell dad I’ll do anything to make this up. Her mom replied well then how about sharing your play toys and looked over at me. She looked up at her mom and replied seriously? Mom replied I won’t tell if you don’t. Her mom looked over at me and said are you ready? I replied sure. She took my hand and lead me off to the master-bed room. She gave me one wild experience that afternoon. Since then , we have been visiting a motel every week.

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