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I was a 13 yr old fem sissy bitch boy girl wunube in 8th grade my history teacher Mr. Seeker sent me to the office one day for talking naughty in class so I went and saw the principal Mr. Adam’s for what seemed to be the millionth time that year already only in October and same as always I had to sit in one of the 3 ISS rooms they were like tiny dungeons. School finally ended but I was stopped at the ISS door by Mr. Adams and Mr. Seeker they pushed me in and shut the door and locked it and forced me into sucking thier big dicks and taking them in my sweet little virgin hole the filled me up one in my mouth and one in my ass fucking me so good I moaned in painful pleasure and I obeyed the 2 older big manly men the dominated me used me abused me and made me feel like the girl I want to be. I started out begging them not to do it a d to stop but not long into it I was loving every second of it and by the end begging them not to stop. I’m now in my 20s and I am a passable crossdresser now I look so good people mistake me for a female all the time now and I still talk to both of those men and am sexually active with them both still.

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  • What? no ‘backsnatch’ comment?

    Youre slipping.

    i pity you

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 12:46 pm Reply

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