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There’s this young girl that moved in a few streets away, moved in with her husband. Not usually my type – petite, long dark hair, has a mix of Asian in her – but there’s just something about her I got to like more and more. She’s extremely flirty and looks at me like I’m some kind of god. On new year’s eve we were talking and she put her hand on my leg (casually) and then got me crazy right up until now. Here’s how shit went down.. I went to her place in the afternoon to help her building some steps and when the work was done she offered me a beer. We sat on the front patio and she said she liked spending time with me. She was sitting so close and gazing at me I just kissed her without thinking – it was like she was waiting for that moment to go full turbo. Straight away she was kissing me hard and climbed onto my lap and started rubbing against my cock over my jeans. She stopped and said she didn’t know if she wanted to cheat on her husband but she was really attracted to me. I propped her up on the edge of table (she’s light as a fucking feather) and pulled her panties down past her ankles. I felt so good to fuck her and see how into it she was, moaning my name and shit. I couldn’t stop staring right into her eyes while I was going – never been that ‘in the zone’ with someone before.

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  • Damn thats hot

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 6:05 am Reply

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