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Since I was young, I’ve always gravitated towards talking with my teachers and the staff in my school often. Oh boy do I have quite the story. I’ve this one teacher buddy who says the worst things without realizing it. God bless her soul, she doesn’t mean anyone to take her words wrong. Usually I don’t have a dirty mind, but this one got me.
The other day, after school, I was talking with her. It was POURING rain, and she offered to walk halfway to the bus stop with me, as her car was on the way. These three boys were walking around behind us, minding their own business as I was enjoying a lighthearted conversation with my teacher. We stop as we reached her car, and after a bit more talking, next thing I knew, she screamed, with much exuberance, “(insert my name here), I’m getting all wet!!”
You bet your ass those boys were cracking up. Poor lady got all embarrassed and waved a shy goodbye to me. I could see how red her face got- I felt bad for her, but as soon as she drove away, I couldn’t help but start DYING of laughter!!

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  • And, she was getting rained on too.

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 2:25 am Reply
    • I would give her a hug to make her feel better if I could without bringing up traumatic memories.

      Anonymous January 9, 2019 5:13 am Reply

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