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My Name is Jason, I am a white bisexual white boy, I have black hair, blue eyes ,a slim body, I am 19 years old and I am more into girls than boys.

Now I have this Navel Fetish so I post videos of me fingering and rubbing my belly (I do not like navel torture). Lots of girls then message me and asks me to meet them so they can worship, I have met up with some and the best one was with a busty milf.

However I also do get messages from men and I always reject their request of playing with my belly.

But there is this one older man who asked to lick my belly but suprisingly I accepted his request because be kept
describing how hot my belly looked and he told me he wanted to smother and rub his face all around my belly which got me quite horny. The older man is 49 years old with grey hair and beard, big belly and grey chest hair.

He gave me his location and I went to his house. His house is like 17mins away from my house which is not that far. So I knocked on his door and he answered, he had a small stain on his vest which kinda put me off.

So he asked me if I wanted to eat sumting but I politely said no. So he led me to his bedroom full of pics of belly fetish lesbian porn videos and magazines. I then layed down on his bed ,he took off his vest and he lifted my top up a bit to rub his hand on my belly.

His hands were so warm which made my belly sensitive. Then he started to get to work on my belly. Firstly, he started to sniff it, his nose was pressed against my belly, after that he slowly started to rub the tip of his red nose on my belly but I felt a ticklish shockwave on my belly so I backed off instantly.

He asked me what is wrong, but I apologized and I went back near him, so he again continued with the nose rubbing which gave my belly quick deflations which were out of the ticklish pleasure. So then he started to lick it with his long tongue up and down and in circles on my belly and before you know it, his tongue is gone deep in my belly button squirming around.

I Let out some moans and groans because it felt so arousing, after he finished licking, he started kissing everywhere around my belly which gave me a rock hard boner, so he got my cock out and kissed and licked it a little before going back to belly kissing.

When he came back to belly kissing, he smothered his face deep in my belly while jerking me off, it was too intense I tried to move away again but his face was just glued to my belly and his beard made it even more arousing. Finally I cummed and I cummed literally a jar because it was that intense.

It was my first time having my belly worshipped by a man let alone an older man who as wayyyy older than me but it was truly worth it.

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  • Hot .. very nice to have something you like that much and can probably do again .. great satisfaction sounds like!

    Anonymous October 1, 2018 3:19 pm Reply

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