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I fucked my old friends fat wife while he was locked up. After he got out he started spreading bullshit on me. This freshman girl they knew wrote me online telling me that this guy was gonna be looking for me.

Years later this freshman girl just turned 18. Still this ugly ass 5 foot 1 fat girl, her nose went up at an angle that she looked like a piggy, shoulder length hair and braces. A tongue ring C cup titties but had like 40 pounds of ass and hips, and the short fat legs to match. Her mom had more stomach but you could tell where she got her looks from. I find out she lives with her mom in a trailer park, is already getting high and drinking her ass off and her mom is buying her cigarettes. Wanna be redneck bitch with the rebel flags and john deere shit all over her room.

I run into the bitch in person for the first time at a friends house, wearing a tank top and shorts just covering her ass cheeks and flip flops. I remember her having her chubby little fat toes painted blue. Ironic enough at the same time she also had a boyfriend that was in jail for breaking and entering so while I’m at this dudes house wanting to get shit faced she joins in on the party but doesn’t wanna do shit cause she got a boyfriend. I’m not ugly, I’m like 6’4 238 pounds, at the time I’m 41 years old. I got some muscle but this bitch doesn’t know I’m packin right.

She ends up getting shit faced and I have her ass held down and I’m on top of her on a bed while she is on the phone with a friend and I just force her legs open and start eating her pussy and make her cum, she stops fighting me and just says “if I say yes you better not tell my man about this shit”. The white bitch saying everyone along the line of “oh I never had sex or wanted to be touched by a nigger before but its something I wanted to try.”

The first few times and the first night included I’m stuck fucking this girl with a little over half my dick cause she keeps wanting to tap out and flip over. I could never nut inside this bitch, but if I told her I was close she would suck my dick till I busted in her mouth. I got tired fast of watching her waste it so I told her I would spoil her if she played with it for me and swallowed it. Don’t even scream down at a fat white girl to drain you, I did that shit once to her and my nuts felt like they got sucked out and had my sack throbbing and stinging for over an hour. Nothing like watching a white girl screamin bullshit at you trying to lick and suck out globs of your thick nut out of her braces. If she left me hanging too long without a nut I make her smile at me and brush her teeth with a bunch of half cooked egg white.

Once her and her man started getting into fights during visitation it got to a point I was getting ass from this girl every time I texted her wanting some pussy. I got to nut inside of that shit every time I fucked it to. Then I had her doggy style one day and decided to put a thumb inside her booty and she fell on her face and screamed and her pussy started squeezing and releasing my cock. At this point I got her taking all ten inches of my fat dick. Now she is telling me she has never taken a dick in her ass but she has been fingered there before. So now I got to spend another two weeks stretchin out this bitches fat ass till it is taking all of my dick. It was at a point later where sometimes I would bring the bitch to my crib, I would bend the girl over and eat her ass and just take it. Don’t even touch that pussy just shove it right up her ass with a little saliva as lube, watchin her ass mucus makin my cock shine in the light. She would cum really hard more often getting it up the ass while she rubbed her pussy, but sometimes when I wanted to nut I would just blow it right up her shitter deep in her guts or just pull it out and shove it balls deep in her pussy and unclog my nuts in it that way.

All this shit happened in a 4 month long period, this girl moves a town north of where I am to be closer to her man and closer to her college that she is starting. So I end up going to her place to see where she is because I haven’t heard from this bitch in over a week. Her momma tells me she is starting school and moved out, her momma is 4 or 5 years older than me at the time so she doesn’t take me for a man that would fuck her daughter and her daughter hasn’t said shit because according to her, her daughter is a racist. But her momma is also a freak to. My excuse was I told her momma I was supposed to work on her car.

So I’m in the kitchen first day I meet this bitch in person and I’m making out with her. I guess momma isn’t afraid of her fetish for black dick but her daughter hates the thought of the shit. It gets to a point I have this bitch doing all the nasty shit her daughter was doing the whole time, on top of that this woman is wearing lingerie for me. This woman was not a looker at all, just miss piggy and her ugly ass daughter. My dick probably felt like a brand new car to this woman. After a week and a half this woman gets an appointment to have a procedure done to her uterus. She said it was to make it easier for her to get pregnant because she wanted another baby.

So I’m fuckin this bitch for two weeks so much that I’m staying over at her place sometimes. I could nut in her ass between 4 to 7 times a day if I wanted to. Well within that two weeks I guess her daughter got a new phone and was trying to get a hold of me. I wrote her and said I miss that shit, glad I got to be the first to break in that fat white ass, and she said who is to say you can’t do it again. So my game then was bringing her daughter to my place and getting some pussy while I was going to her mommas house and getting that pussy.

I was fucking momma and daughter back and forth for over three months. Daughter actually ended up getting pregnant by me and the man she had on the inside left her ass. And her momma was knocked up by me at the same time but lost it around five months along. I think it had to do with her age at the time to. Once her daughter started showing she told her mom that she was knocked up then she told her she was having a mixed baby. Also within the part of town this shit happened in its like 95% white. First thing out of her mommas mouth was is it (my name) and she confirmed it. So I am chillin at my place getting baked and I get a bunch of texts telling me I’m a fucking asshole, I’m a nigger and a bastard and a pervert. Says she is never going to let me see my twin boys.

Her momma was pissed in the beginning but she made me agree that if we were together I had to stop fucking her daughter for good. So me and momma stayed a thing for another month or so. I ended up corrupting this bitch when the heat went down to ask her daughter for a threesome. It came to that point because her momma started fucking me harder hearing how better her pussy was compared to her daughters. One night I got this womans legs over my shoulders and I’m talking to her about it, I told her I don’t want the two of them touching at all. It would just be like a laying on the edge of the bed back to back style as I’m switching back and forth between your pussy and ass and her pussy and ass. And her and her daughter could get on both sides of my cock and lick and kiss from my head to my sack and take turns sucking it. And her exact words were “mmmmmmm daddy, so you wanna fuck momma and daughter hmmm”. I just made a joke and said I already was over fifty times but now you two will be in the same room.

I guess her daughter thought about it and her momma just snapped back into menopause mode. I got a long ass text message from the daughter saying everything from, I get addicted to the way you fuck me to calling me daddy, to I’m the one that got her living black dick. But I knew it was over for the two of them when she said that her momma wanted to rub one out with her and got embarrassed and cried for over an hour because she hated herself for bringing it up. Now that girl is currently with a rich white boy, but lets me see my two kids. Even when she was still single she never wanted to take me for child support, but because she was getting health insurance and assistance through the system. It was the state that took me to court for money.

Now her momma has me blocked any time that I talk to her, but now my twins mother is turning 23 and every now and again I talk her into giving me head or fucking me on the down low but that is a 8 times a month thing usually when she drops the kids off.

What she doesn’t know is I have moved all over the country in my lifetime I have had my share of ass. I’m counting bitches wanting to experiment, married wanting to share their wives, wanting me to breed their wives, desperate fat bitches you name it. Its been over 400 at least. I have 9 kids I know about by 8 different baby mommas with her included. But just thinking about bitches I have just dumped in and hit the road I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me I had like over 30 kids. I could count two dozen desperate college girls wanting me to get them high and fuck them save in my phone contacts.

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  • Did you actually get turned on by a fatso? You obviously got turned on enough to get hard and pork her, but my question is how? Personally I can’t just fuck anything. I always wonder how people can do it. Double whammy, you’re disgusting friends dick was in that. I never touch anything where a friends dick has been, or related to them. It’s kind of asshole but it’s gross to me. No offence but yeah.

    Anonymous August 16, 2018 1:13 am Reply
    • I’m not the OP but I will fuck anyone if I know they are not using birth control even if they are fat or unattractive since I’m trying to get as many pregnant as possible. I’m 23 with 12 confirmed impregnations. As far as not fucking someone because of the dick that was there last, I don’t worry about who the last guy was.

      Anonymous August 16, 2018 6:17 am Reply

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